Evelyn E. Henley Anesthesia Society


Founder & Charter Member

Renee Navarro, M.D.

Kimberley Nichols, M.D., FASA

Tameka Noel, M.D.

Shelly Norris, M.D.

Wendy Nunlee, M.D.

Omonele Nwokolo, M.D.

Olutoyosi Ogunkua, M.D.

Babatunde Ogunnaike, M.D., FASA

Nicholas Okoro, M.D.

Patrick Olomu, M.D.

Kendra Outler, M.D.

John Patton, M.D.

Elisha Peterson, M.D.

Vivian Lynn Porche, M.D.
Vernon Ross, M.D.
John Sampson, M.D.

Clarence Shannon, M.D.

Flora Simmons, M.D.

William Simmons, M.D.

Miakka Smith, M.D.

Torrence J. Stepteau, M.D.

Tracey Straker, M.D., FASA

Trevor Sutton, M.D.

Lisa Taylor-Kennedy, M.D.

Chelsea Thomas, M.D.

Nicole Thompson, M.D. 

Chantal Pyram-Vincent, M.D., FASA

Angela Wallace, M.D.

Deirdre Washington, M.D.

Charles E. Willis II, M.D.

Crystal Wright, M.D., FASA

Melville Q. Wyche, Jr. M.D.

Marie Young, M.D.

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Summer 2024

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Advancing safe, high quality, culturally competent Anesthesia and Pain Management Care for all.



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Medical Students


Evelyn E. Henley Anesthesia Society

"An Organization of Anesthesiologists from a diverse background who endeavor to support the academic and professional development of like-minded Practitioners, by creating opportunities for networking, mentoring and supporting programs which help acheive these goals." 


The Evelyn E. Henley Anesthesia Society (EEHAS) was established in 2015 by a group of physicians who were committed to highlight the the contribution of anesthesiologists to healthcare delivery in the United States. The EEHAS endeavors to be a leading authority for physicians and patients on issues that impact the practice of and access to culturally competent pain management and anesthesia care in all populations, including advocacy for initiatives and programs focused on education and treatment modalities.   The EEHAS is focused on building strong, effective relationships with varied stakeholders throughout the healthcare community to advance its advocacy agenda.  


The purposes of the Henley Society are to support the academic and professional development of like-minded practitioners by creating opportunities for networking and mentoring, and to support programs that help acheive these goals.

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Board of Directors


Bryant Murphy, M.D. - President

Vernon Ross, M.D. - Secretary

Audrey Alleyne, M.D. - Treasurer

James D. Griffin, M.D.

Corrie Anderson, M.D.

Clyde Jones, M.D.


Samuel Adefeyisan, MBBS

Alvin Adell, M.D.

Kandis Adkins, M.D.

Terrence K. Allen, MBBS

Audrey Alleyne, M.D.

Corrie Anderson, M.D.

Brenda Anyaehie, M.D.

Valerie Armstead, M.D.

Cassandra M. Armstead-Williams, M.D.

Sharon Ashley, M.D.

Betelehem Asnake, M.D.

Rebecca Balimunkwe, M.D.

Michael Banks, M.D.

Brunette Blue, M.D.

Steven Bradley, M.D.

Amber Brooks, M.D.

Emery Brown, M.D., PhD.

Claude Brunson, M.D., FASA

John Butterworth, M.D.

Cedric Campbell, M.D.

Edith Smith Cheek, M.D.

Jeffrey Clark, M.D.

Kudiratu Clark, M.D.

A. Thaddeus Clavo Sr. M.D.

Alice Coombs, M.D.

Michelle DaCosta, M.D.

Ronsard Daniel, M.D.

Janice Davis, M.D.

TomMario Davis, M.D.

Clarita Galindo Frazier Dawson, M.D.

Roberta Doucet, M.D.

Roger Duncan, M.D., FASA

Odinakachukwu Ehie, M.D.

John E. Ellis, M.D.



Obinna Ebechebe, M.D.

Felecia Davis Fourte, M.D.

Vandy Gaffney, M.D.

Maurice B. Gilbert, M.D., FASA

Cheryl K. Gooden, M.D., FASA

Nicole Grayer, M.D.

Kamilla Greenidge, M.D.

James D. Griffin, M.D., FASA

P. Grace Harrell, M. D.

Donna Johnson Harvey, M.D.

Lisa Holley, M.D.

Alisa Horsford, M.D.

Albert J. Jackson, M.D.

Eric V. Jackson, M.D.

Kenneth Johnson, M.D.

Yewande Johnson, M.D., FASA

Clyde W. Jones, M.D., F.A.C.A.

Keith (Tony) Jones, M.D.

Stephanie Jones, M.D.

Vilma Joseph, M.D., FASA

Donna Kiel, M.D.

Alexis Kiser, M.D.

Fatoumata Kromah, M.D.

Angela Laster, M.D.

Allison Lee, M.D.

Jacqueline Drummond Lewis, M.D.

Ellen Lockhart, M.D.

Christina Mack, M.D.

Rachelle Makinde, M.D.

William Mayweather, M.D.

Sally McKellar, M.D.

Adam Milam, M.D.

Bryant Murphy, M.D., FASA

Shamsideen Musa, M.D.


Henley  Society  Charter  Members

Evelyn E. Henley , M.D

First African American board certified (ABA) female in the United States.

Physicians (in practice)

Henley Scholar Program 
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Annual Membership

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Residents / Fellows 


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